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United Kingdom
Hello everybody, I'm 22 and I live inside my imagination. Apart from art, I like computer games, music and dancing.

I believe that deep down, inside each and every one of us, we have the ability to do amazing things, but we each have to learn how to channel our creative energy into something special...


Black crow
Where do you go?
Why are your feathers awry?
How does that help you to fly?

Don't you know
That my big toe,
Although sudden to move
Won't ever hurt you!

Taking food from the ground
Squashed sandwich to be found.
You breath tiny lungs of polluted air,
For its only concrete and ashtrays that we really care...
black crow
One sleepy morning's musings waiting outside work, watching a crow...
on the painted

Long fingertips
A longing,
a lust

Oh, what’s behind
your mysterious eyes?
A sound?
A soul?

I stretch out
cold lifeless arms.
eyes shimmering.

Yet no matter how
far I crawl,
you remain
in the distance.

I call out
in the darkness,
but you won’t,
or don’t want to hear.

Your figure,
with another

I’m very much
surrounding me.

As my eyes
only you stay,
my horizon fades.

You’re dancing,
My tears
are falling.

in a different time,
an alternate reality,
or insanity.

we might meet,
arms outstretched
to greet me.

Together apart,
Two halves,
become whole.

But today,
I pear at your face,
far away.

I find myself
watching through a cage.
Bars of time.

Impossible to escape.
I look into the future
waiting to grow old,
waiting for an end…

How can I live like this?
An obsession.
Never to be at rest.
Always a test.

You’re my
impossible fantasy,
unobtainable mystery,
my beautiful obsession.

My musings for today.

I think we all have, or have had that special someone, who will never be special enough. That person in our lives that we secretly obsessed over, but can never have.

Its heart wrenching, it can drive you insane, and yet we have to live with the emotions, the uncontrollable feelings.

Say Goodnight and Go by RevanREK
Say Goodnight and Go
Just a little something I did in my sketchbook with sharpies today.

I've had one of those days where I go through every single spectrum of human emotion in 24 hours! I'm totaly exauhasted and I think my thoughts are going to explode out of my head! Just can't seem to focus at all!
Take courage small heart by RevanREK
Take courage small heart
Just a little doodle, done in my sketchbook with sharpies.

Its funny how you can find inspiration in the most challenging of days...

Overflowing Inbox

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 25, 2012, 10:09 AM

Right well, in a strange kind of way, this is an apology to all my watchers, and anyone who has tried to contact me in these past few months. Firstly our internet went down for ages and there was a whole fiasco where Bt said we didn't have an account but we where still paying for it, the stupid thing was my dad forgot his password so... they sent him an email, but of course he couldn't get on the internet... do'h anyway after a long lengthy battle with the completely useless people on the other end of the phone, some of which even hung up on us, we managed to get it all working again. Since then I've found myself spending most of my time on the xbox trying to conquer dark souls and trying not to get overly frustrated. So I haven't really been on devainart in ages and now my inbox is overflowing, I will try and reply to as much as possible but I apologise now if I miss anything important. :)

As to my artistic development, (that sounded quite technical didn't it :D) I haven't done much recently, I want to finish that picture of shep and garrus and then put aside fanart for a while but I just haven't been in the right mood for art really, still been feeling ill and down I just don't seam to be able to decide what I want to do with my life, one thing's for sure though, I don't want to be stuck being a cleaner all my life. I know I've got to grow up eventually and make a decision and just run with it because otherwise I'm just going to go nowhere and end up regretting every second of my life.

So yeah, I'm in a philosophical mood today, lucky me... -_-

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  • Reading: the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy again.
  • Watching: top gear
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  • Drinking: Tea and dunking biscuits

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